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Cherry Bombed!

Day In The Life Of The Daycare:

Happenings: Prepping lunch -

4yr old: Ms. Karen can you put some of those cherries on my plate?

Me: No, sweetpea those are for me.

4 yr old: Come on Ms. Karen please.

Me: No, baby they are too expensive to waste.

4 yr old: Ms. Karen, I saw the sign in the store - its just 4 ones and some pennies!

Me: Blinking...

4 yr old: Ms. Karen, you taught us sharing is caring and you are NOT caring right now!

Me: Blinking...

Me to myself: I am really having this conversation??

4 yr old: Ms. Karen, go ahead and put some on the plate.

Me: No xxx, the little ones can't eat cherries because they have pits in them and they could choke. If I give you some they are going to want some too...

4 yr old: Well, you shouldn't put them where I can see them because they want me to eat them!

4 yr old: stands there starring at the cherries - HARD

Me: xxx, stop starring at the cherries, they are not going to jump in your mouth by telekinesis

4 yr old: ok give me the telephone and I will call them and ask them!

Me: Blinking.... trying to figure out why he would want the phone... lolololol no, baby telekinesis not the telephone!

Me to myself: Let me hide these cherries before there is a hostile takeover! LOLOLOL

He was determined....

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